FirTECT Hyper Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees vs Live Christmas Trees

Honestly, we could have imported live trees just as easily, and it would have been a lot less troublesome for us! Export live Christmas Trees from a renowned source, and just include all of these nasty overheads into the cost. For a set up like ours, we would still probably be able to provide them to you at the cheapest selling price in Singapore. No research and design needed for live trees, what you see is what you get. But we wanted to provide the best for you, because our mission is to provide a merry Forever Christmas.



Hyper Realistic Trees

Live Trees


10–15 years

5 weeks

Natural Scent


Environmentally Friendly


Pest Free


Flame Retardant


Customisable Colours


Choice of Density


Sheds Leaves



Our Christmas Trees are not only Artificial, they are Hyper Realistic


There are a ton of places where you can find artificial Christmas trees. You can go to the supermarket nearby your home, or online selling platforms, and risk being a victim of product misrepresentation. We manufacture Christmas trees that are not only better than live Christmas trees, but Christmas trees that are literally the best in the market. Click here to read on how to avoid online scams with regard to buying Christmas trees. 

There are so many reasons why artificial Christmas trees are a better choice than live trees — and ours aren’t just artificial, they’re hyper realistic. When you choose a live tree, every year you have to go through the trouble of going down and choosing the exact tree you want, scrutinising each tree for defects on the off chance all the leaves are going to drop off. Take note that if you have pets at home, it’s even more important that you get an artificial tree instead, as certain needles of live trees can be toxic to pets!

With hyper realistic trees, we do the quality control for you, so you don’t have to strain your eyes checking for each detail to get the perfect tree. While artificial trees don’t have the natural fresh pine scent, this is a problem easily solved. Burn some scented candles, they’ll give you that same scent AND add to the mood lighting!


You also won’t have to worry about pests like aphids and spiders if you get a hyper realistic tree from us. We’ve taken care of that for you! Our trees look as good as Mother Nature’s, but without the risk of nasty bugs infesting your tree and giving you a shock!

You also get to choose a tree more suitable for your needs with our hyper realistic trees — you can choose the height, density, and even the number of needle pines for the trees, since they’re all manufactured for quality control! When we say the tree has 500 needle pines, we mean it!


Choosing artificial Christmas trees are also much more environmentally friendly! Imagine celebrating Christmas every year by cutting down a tree, just for a few days’ of celebration before it dies after 5 weeks. Not only are you paying unnecessarily for the labour it takes to fell and transport a Christmas tree, but you’re harming the environment by supporting the cutting down of trees — a cycle that you’ll be repeating every year! Reduce on waste and buy a sturdy, hyper realistic Christmas tree that you can reuse every year!

Click here to shop for a Christmas tree that suits your home or office. We have trees for every space, literally!



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