Scotch Pine Hyper Realistic Christmas Tree


Hyper Realistic Scotch Pine Christmas Tree, with a mix of Alpine

Premium Shade of Green

Automatic Open Hinged Branches

Quick and Easy Set Up

Ultra Dense

Crazily Durable – 15 Year Guarantee

Free Same Day Delivery

The Scotch Pine features long needle like pines along with Alpines to give you an ultra dense effect. It is so beautiful to the point that you do not need that many ornaments for a magical looking tree. Some pine cones, baubles, tree picks, and warm LED lights, should really do the trick. A stunning tree that would impress you even if you’ve seen it for the tenth time!

Quick Facts

  • 5 feet/1.5 metres (0.9 metre width, 570 tips) – $199  $129
  • 6 feet/1.8 metres (1.1 metre width, 830 tips) – $299 $169
  • 7 feet/2.1 metres (1.3 metre width, 1180 tips) – $399  $269
  • 8 feet/2.4 metres (1.5 metre width, 1390 tips) – $499  $369
  • Species: Scotch Pine
  • Box Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 100 cm

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