How to Choose Christmas Ornaments

The event you’ve been waiting a whole year for — Christmas is here! People always put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to Christmas, having the most prettily wrapped gifts, the nicest tree, the yummiest Christmas dinner. Who doesn’t want a merry Christmas, right?

We understand why decorating your Christmas tree may often seem daunting, making sure it looks beautiful for both you and your lovely guests. When visiting at Christmas, the two things that leave the greatest impressions are the meal, and the tastefully decorated Christmas tree!

So, how does one ensure that your Christmas tree ornaments are sure to make an indelible impression and be the talk of every party? Let the experts help you! Here are the 7 most important points to keep in mind when decorating a Christmas tree in Singapore.

Read till the end for three amazing Christmas tree themes that will most certainly impress your guests this Christmas!




Not many people take note of this, but Christmas trees (both real and artificial) in Singapore actually come in different shades of green! It is important to note that the colour theme of the ornaments that you choose should be dependent on the colour of your tree. Should the tree you are purchasing possess a lighter shade of green, a cool theme would be more appropriate. If the tree is going to be of a darker green, a warm theme will work better.

A lighter shade of green blends well with cool colours like blue and silver, while warm coloured ornaments like red and gold can be amplified in a very grand effect when placed on a dark coloured tree. If you’re not sure what colours fall under the warm and cool categories, don’t worry, we’re about to tell you!


  1. Pairing the Right Colours of Ornaments

A warm theme works best when it consists of colours such as:

Gold, bronze, red, orange, burgundy, brown and yellow.

A cool theme is best complemented by the following colours:

Silver, blue, turquoise, teal, and white.

Image (above) Credits: Celebrating Colour

It is important to note that colours from the warm category should not be mixed with colours belonging to the cool category, and vice versa. For example, pairing gold baubles with a silver tree topper, and pure white LED string lights will result in discord on your eyes and confusion in your brain! Each aspect of your Christmas tree has to work together in harmony in order to achieve perfect decorations, even the lights! So make sure that you take note of whether you’re using white or yellow lights too after you’ve decided on your theme.

However, take note that it is not necessary to follow the colour theme currently present in your home. In fact, using a cool theme decorated Christmas tree in a home that possesses more warm coloured decorations would be a nice contrast, and serve as a good balance!


  1. How Many Ornaments is Too Many?


This is greatly dependent on the structure of your Christmas tree. A common myth that has to be debunked is that a dense Christmas tree should be decorated with as many ornaments as you can fit. Take it from us, that is not true at all! If the Christmas tree is scarce, you should definitely avoiding overcrowding the tree with ornaments. However, the opposite does not apply to dense trees!


Even if your Christmas tree is extremely dense, you still have to consider the type of branches it has. For example, branches such as those from the Scotch Needle Pine should not be too overwhelmed with decorations (even though it’s very dense) because it has a very wild and sharp look. Some LED string lights, baubles, and cute candy canes are suffice to dress it up and make it dandy. However, branches such as those in the Cashmere Pine cause the tree to have a very puffy and spongy effect. In this case, the more ornaments the Cashmere Pine has, the more fabulous and Christmassy it will look!


  1. How Many Cables of Christmas String Lights Should I Buy?

Assuming that your LED string lights are 10 metres and have 100 bulbs per cable, here is the best guideline you should follow, based on the height of your tree:

5 foot Christmas Tree – 1 set

6 foot Christmas Tree – 2 sets

7 foot Christmas Tree – 3 sets


Of course, you can always get LED lights in both warm and cool tones, so you can switch up your Christmas decorations every year if you’re in the mood for something fresh!

A point to take into consideration — if you’re going for coloured ornaments, choosing a uniform lighting instead of a multi-coloured one will ensure the colours of the ornaments are shown off to their full advantage!


  1. What Ornament Goes On the Tree First?


The first item that should go up on your Christmas tree should always be your LED string lights. Connect one end of the cable to your power socket, and wrap the cable around your tree all the way to the top. Should you require more than one set of lights, LED string lights allow you to connect one light to another easily with a single click! Do make sure to tuck in the wire into the depths of the tree as they should not be visible.


Psst, here’s a pro-tip! As you’re winding your lights in and out of the tree, make sure the lights all point upwards and forwards for maximum glow and effect. Make sure you turn off the lights before you start hanging the rest of the decorations, to make sure you won’t be distracted!

Next, it’s time to start hanging the baubles! By now, you would have decided if you’re going for a warm or cool theme. Be sure to begin with the ornaments that will stand out the most. Then, introduce the ornaments to your Christmas tree from largest to smallest. The smaller sized ornaments should be used to cover whatever existing gaps that are still remaining.

After which, introduce your tree picks! Tree picks are essential in providing your tree with a wholesome look.

Lastly, fit your star right at the top of Christmas tree. Did you know, Star Tree Toppers can be further enhanced by sticking an inch of the cable into the star. 



  1. Maintaining Consistency


Make sure that the individual colours of each ornament are evenly spread out amongst the tree. You do not want a portion of a tree to be too overcrowded with a single colour or decoration. It will look very unbalanced, and it spoils the overall effect that the tree is going to give.


  1. Have Fun!


Perhaps the most important tip of them all. Decorating your tree with a clear and open mind allows you to produce a Christmas tree based on your personality and style. Best of all, it’s a fun activity that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Gather the family and show your guests how Christmas should be done!


While we may not have the weather for the winter wonderland Christmas you see overseas, or the roaring hearth fires with hot cocoa, a well-decorated Christmas tree and time well spent with your loved ones is the best present anyone could wish for!



The professional Christmas tree designers at Forever Christmas have created some ready to go ornament bundles for you. Click here to explore them! Play around with your existing decor and try to replicate these combinations to be sure to wow your guests!




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