Christmas Tree Size Guide

Pre-Christmas season is always exciting for most, whether or not you celebrate it for religious purposes. It marks the closing of the current year, and allows us to anticipate with great positivity, the new one. One of the exciting activities about the pre-Christmas season, other than shopping for gifts, would definitely have to be Christmas tree shopping! At Forever Christmas, we have realised over the years that customers always had a great problem in deciding the size of the tree they should buy. Well, fret not, after reading this article, you would be more than equipped to make an informed purchase.


What Size of a Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

This is really simple. First of all, we should look at the amount of available space that we have. Ensure that your availability determines that your length is equal to its breadth, since all Christmas trees are round. Most apartments in Singapore can find about 1 metre in diameter to offer to a Christmas tree.

Take this measurement, and ask your local Christmas tree store for all options that come within your required width. At Forever Christmas, we tell you the width of each type of Christmas tree that we offer on sale.


I want a tall Christmas Tree, but based on the advice in the previous question, I don’t have the space. What can I do?

This is an easy one! It’s obvious that Christmas trees get bigger in width, when the height increases. A 1.5 meter tall tree may have a width of 80 cm, and a 1.8 metre tree would have a width of maybe 110 cm. Here are 3 solutions:

  1. Purchase the tree that your space can accommodate to, and place it over a platform. This platform can be used books, or old newspapers firmly stacked together. You cover this platform with a beautiful drape, and surround it with presents so it cannot be seen. The trees at Forever Christmas are super dense. Therefore, they do not have much space at the bottom, like a real tree (the base of the bottom of the tree is really close to the ground). Our trees are also much fatter and fuller than elsewhere. Using this method would still guarantee you a beautiful effect. A 6 foot (1.8 m) tree of all types can ideally fit into all apartments. These trees are usually 1.1 metres in width, approximately.
  2. Purchase a slim tree. Slim trees are not balder or less dense. They just look trimmed. You can go for a 7 feet (2.1 metres) height and only need to find space for a 80 cm width! 
  3. Squash the tree a little. If you are lacking just 10 to 15 cm of space, Our advice is to just get it. Our trees are FirTECT verified Easy-Open, they do not have to open all the way and still look ridiculously beautiful. 

I have a lot of space, and can even fit a 12 foot Christmas Tree. What other factors should I consider?

Another easy question for us to answer! Here are some guidelines. Whatever makes your eyes go twinkle should be the size that you should get.

5 foot tree (1.5 metres): Easy to decorate. Popular as the second tree of the home. Easy to store.

6 foot tree (1.8 metres): Still easy to decorate. The most popular size for offices and living rooms in homes. Looks grand enough in photos. Great for family photographs.

7 foot tree (2.1 metres): Difficult to decorate. You may need a stool if you are shorter than 1.7 metres. Looks really grand because of the lush width that will go along with this height. Even greater for photographs. Perfect for homes with an 8 foot (2.4 metres ceiling).

8 foot tree (2.4 metres): Very difficult to decorate. A step ladder is definitely needed. Looks crazily grand, even for a hotel lobby reception. Sadly, limited to homes with a 9 to 10 feet ceiling. Storage after Christmas would be difficult too.


We hope you have enjoyed this guide! Visit our shop online now and have your delivery within 1 hour!

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