How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

Why It’s Important


Christmas tree is more than just a normal decoration. It represents so much more! Since eons ago, Christmas trees, and its accompanying decorations have been used by families and individuals to:

  • turn their homes into a Christmas wonderland
  • bring joy to their loved ones
  • show off their decoration skills and good taste
  • create an atmosphere to mark a beginning to the festive season and the end of an eventful year

A Christmas tree is bound to be the centrepiece and talking point of every Christmas celebration! With that being said, you can tell choosing the right Christmas tree for your home is going to be a very important task!

Christmas trees can be an investment if you buy good quality ones, they can last for years — good for your wallet and the environment. Especially in tough times like this, no one wants to waste their money on a Christmas tree that is not suitable, or of poor quality. Luckily for you, Forever Christmas, the Christmas Tree specialists, have created a comprehensive guide to aid you in selecting the best Christmas tree for your home. We know what you need, based on years of experience and customer feedback, so stay tuned for some great tips!


Measure Your Space


All too often, we have seen so many customers make the mistake of impulse buys! It’s a common reaction to rashly want to purchase a Christmas tree simply because you fell in love with it at first sight. While the aesthetics of a Christmas tree and how you feel about it is important, you need to consider other factors first!

It is crucial that you determine the amount of space that you have at home before you purchase a Christmas tree. It’ll be too late if you lug it home only to realise it doesn’t fit because it’s too tall, or looks too small and lonely in your room.

At Forever Christmas, we want the best for you! Even if you do not purchase from us. To remind you the importance of measuring your space AND to make your life easier, we have provided the dimensions (height and diameter) of all of our Christmas trees in each individual product description. Should you be purchasing your tree from another Christmas store, you might have to expend quite a bit more vigilant effort to find out the dimensions of the tree too.

When measuring the space you will need, make sure to leave a margin of at least 10 cm on both sides of the tree (left and right) when it is set up in your home. The best way to do so is by using a measuring tape to measure your available space horizontally and deduct 20 cm (10 cm x 2). After this, feel free to choose a tree that is within this diameter. The 20cm gives you extra allowance, just in case of any measurement error!

The most common mistake is for customers to get a short tree thinking that it would be smaller. When in fact, they should be getting a slim tree! When all of the Christmas trees are so premium, dense, and bushy, a 5 foot tree can still be about 80 cm in width, while a slim 6 foot tree could look much more trimmed with a 70 cm width.


The Power of Colours


The Christmas trees at Forever Christmas are highly premium. Therefore, they are manufactured to be of a dark shade of green. Manufacturing trees that are of a darker shade of green are technically more expensive. But, because we are so passionate in this field, we always ensure that it is still affordable to you. That being said, there are certain species of Christmas trees that cannot be too dark. For example, the original colour of a Cashmere Pine Christmas tree is a light green. Creating a dark green version for it would result in it looking really fake!

That being said, it is safe to say that darker green Christmas trees go well with warmer coloured or strong coloured ornaments, such as maroon, gold, brown, and red. While Christmas trees of a lighter green go better with decorations that are of pastel colours such as rose gold, or cool colours such as white, silver, and blue.

Before you make the decision on the type of ornaments and tree you are going to buy, have a look at your space first. Always remember that warm themes and cool themes should never be mixed. Therefore, should your home be using a wooden type of flooring or a beige based marble, a darker green tree bundled with warm themed ornaments would be ideal. Should your space be having white floors and very modern type of decor, perhaps a lighter green tree with cooler ornaments could be better.

It is worth noting that at Forever Christmas, we have all types of ornaments available. Click here to check out all our ornaments today!

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