Avoiding Christmas Tree Scams – How to Buy a Christmas Tree Online

In recent years, many online sellers, especially on selling platforms such as Lazada, have successfully scammed thousands of Singaporeans, by sending them Christmas trees that do not even look like what was advertised online. In some cases, these newly made websites even claimed they provided warranties for up to 15 years, which turned out to be completely nonsensical.

Christmas is a joyous occasion, and we wouldn’t want your happiness to be ruined by any bad experiences — so we’re here to help you navigate the saturated market to get the best products and avoid being ripped off! Here are some things to look out for when purchasing your Christmas tree, which will hopefully help you get a long lasting, high quality one!

I purchased a Christmas Tree from a website similar to christmastree.com.sg. It was actually christmastrees.com.sg, with an s. I thought they were Forever Christmas because the names of the trees were similar, and the images were of course, beautiful. When I received my tree, I got a huge shock at how bald it was. – Wei Ren, 27, Singapore

Request for Images taken by their Mobile Phone Camera

This could be the most important factor that could help you with your buying decision. If the store can provide you with freshly taken photo via what’s app, then there isn’t much they can hide from. Unfortunately, there are not many Christmas stores in Singapore that can provide such a service. The alternative to this would be to check out if they have a Youtube channel, or a Facebook page, that posts images of their customers purchases. We should not bother too much about reviews from famed sources because there could be a whole lot of editing done to the photos due to an obvious monetary transaction happening behind the scenes.

Colour of Christmas Tree

There are a lot of people in the market just wanting to make a quick buck, and it shows in the products they produce. A tell-tale sign is usually in shoddy colouring, when the leaves look faded or washed out. Colouring of the leaves may also look inconsistent, with patches of darker and lighter green. This makes for a very cheap looking tree, and faded colours may make the tree look like it’s dying — a far cry from being hyper realistic. When purchasing your tree, make sure to check different spots to ensure the colouring is uniform throughout and the colours are vivid and realistic.


You definitely do not want to go home happily with a Christmas tree, only for it to start shedding all over your house! Not only will it be a mess, but if your pets or toddler get hold of too many, it might cause problems if they ingest them. The best way to do this is by heading down to the showroom, to check things out personally, but if the store doesn’t have one or you’re not available, there are alternatives!


Always make sure that the exact dimensions are stated on the site, the more detailed, the better! You don’t want to order a majestic 7 FT Christmas tree, only to be greeted with a tiny Christmas tree that’s the size of a 2-year-old toddler! By stating the dimensions on the site, it’s a product promise that the store has to fulfil, so be sure to look out for that!


A dense tree is always important to make sure you have ample support and space to hang your ornaments — but how to gauge density? One way of doing so is by checking If the store states how many tips each tree has. The tips represent the needle-like leaves, and are an important indicator of density!

Avoiding Misrepresentation 

There are so many horror stories about online purchases, I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that Photoshop is a powerful tool! There’s even Facebook Group dedicated to Ugly Christmas Trees, that look nothing like what was promised on the website.

Whether the Christmas trees are stock images or photoshopped, it’s hard to tell online based on the product images. How you can tell it’s safe? Through customer reviews, and videos taken by the store to show you every angle of the Christmas tree. Them going the extra mile shows you that they have confidence in their product, and you can see how the product looks like in real life — even without heading down to the showroom!

Of course, buying from Forever Christmas ensures you don’t have to worry about any of the points we mentioned above! Not only do we have 360 and close-up videos for your piece of mind, you can also just look at our reviews to see how many satisfied customers we have!

A good artificial Christmas tree can last for 10 years, or maybe even more — so make sure you’re making your investments worth it and get one whereby you’re assured of the quality.

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